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About Association

Association of Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta”

Center for Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta” is a unique project supervising over 10% of esoteric schools and movements all over Europe. For the last 5 years thousands of people have found the path of inner transformation in our schools. Year by year this trend is becoming more important and popular.

Today we announce about conversion of “Sila Sveta” Center into Association of Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta”. More and more powerful magicians, masters and craftsmen, eager to revive Slavic roots and the Power of Ancestry, are joining our Association of Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta” in Russia!

At the moment Association of Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta” is an unofficial association.

On this open online resource our visitors may have access to the power and knowledge of the best alumni and students of our schools. You have an opportunity to ask any questions in the format of online consultation. Thanks to our resource, everyone is able to see the expertise and professional competence of our masters and teachers.

Our masters work in the area of
- Clairvoyance;
- Extrasensory;
- Diagnostics and energoinformation processes management;
- Tarot;
- Runes.

The methods we apply in our work may be used to receive advice in any sphere of life:
- How to make a right choice?
- What path is the best to follow?
- What can promote solution of a problem?
- Answer to any Yes-No-Why question.
- Work (any questions about position, career development, and labor remuneration).
- Money (questions about money, cash flow, investments, debts, financial problems and etc.).
- Relationship (any questions about relationships).
- Health..
- Business (whether the project will bring profit).
- Analysis and diagnostics of love, business, family, friendly, or any partner relations.Choosing the best date for wedding.
- Consideration and analysis of any problems related to business matters, job, career andmoney.
- Diagnostics of health at a physical and energy level.
- Diagnostics and analysis of human personality, identification of capabilities and gifts,occupational guidance, identification of strengths and weaknesses.
- Consideration and analysis of difficult life situations, identification of the cause of currentevents, analysis and solution to the problem.
- Foretelling of future in all spheres of life.
- Forecasting the best date for some event.

Choose the master and order a consultation using the form on Consultations tab.forming the second Circle of Power, and we already have two masters in it. The number of At the moment on our website we have 7 masters of the first Circle of Power and we start masters will grow together with your activity.
We also give an opportunity to take part in our project for those alumni and students of other esoteric schools and projects who have experience in energoinformational technologies and willing to revive our Slavic roots after the test for seeing alternatives of events (subtle plane) using any method (Tarot, psychic powers, mediumism, runes).

The number of applications is growing every day. We are glad that people able to foretell the future and assess the project at different angles trust us!
Our doors are open to everyone. Submit your applications using the form on the website. We are glad to support everyone who is ready to follow the path of spiritual development!