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Goodwill Agreement

1. Cooperation Agreement between DOBRO Project and user of , hereinafter – the Agreement.

1.1. The User is the person registered on the website DOBRO Project in accordance with this Agreement and using the materials placed in domain
1.2. . No subscription fee for using DOBRO Project is charged.
1.3. DOBRO Project is a high-yield investment project.

2. Subject of the Agreement:

2.1 In accordance with this Agreement the Administration provides the user with the round-the-clock access to the website of DOBRO Project, except for the time of scheduled preventive maintenance and cases that deny access of the user to services of DOBRO Project website, arisen through no fault of the Administration..
2.2 The User shall comply with the terms hereof.
2.3 Should the User infringe the terms hereof, the Administration may deny the User’s access to the services of DOBRO Project’s website with no notice.

3. Rights and obligations of the User

3.1.1 The User undertakes to use the services of DOBRO Project’s website only for personal purposes.
3.1.2 At registration the User sets login and password to access the inner resources of DOBRO Project’s website.
3.1.3 The User may change password at any time; the User shall be individually liable for protection of the information allowing access to the website’s resources.

3.2 The User’s obligations
3.2.1 The underage persons are not eligible to take part in DOBRO Project.
3.2.2The User has no right to
—use software errors and shall immediately report such errors using the form of communication with the Administration;
—tamper with the program code.
3.2.3.At registration the User shall mandatorily read the terms hereof.

4. Rights and obligations of the Administration

4.1. The Administration guarantees non-disclosure of personal data of project participants specified at registration to the third parties.
4.2. The Administration reserves the right to control all processes of DOBRO Project.
4.3. The Administration has a right to delete or block the User for violation of any clauses hereof on a unilateral basis.
4.4. The Administration shall not be liable for possible failures and interruptions in operation of DOBRO Project’s website.
4.5. The Administration shall also reserve the right to delete or alter any information placed by the participants on DOBRO Project’s website.

5. Отказ от гарантий.

The User acknowledges that:
(а) he/ she uses DOBRO Project’s website on own responsibility and is fully aware of all principles and risks of its operation;
(б) the Administration shall not guarantee
(1) that services of DOBRO Project’s website meet individual requirements of the User,
(2)timely error-free provision of services,
(3) that the information obtained as the result of using the services of DOBRO Project’s website is true or reliable,
(4) software errors are promptly corrected;.
(в) neither recommendation or information provided to you by the administration either in verbal or written form shall held the administration liable unless they are stated hereof.

6.Exemption Clause

The User is fully aware and acknowledges that the Administration shall bear no liability for any direct, indirect, accidental, special, sequential or awarded damage,
which includes the damage of use, loss of data or any other non-material or material loss, injury to reputation and another damage (even if the administration was warned about the possibility of such damage), resulting from:
(1) the use or impossibility to use the services of DOBRO Project’s website;
(2) agreement amending;
(3) unauthorized access to the User’s data or alteration of the data transmitted by the User or stored on the data server;
(4)statements or behavior of any person on the website of DOBRO Project;;
(5)any other cases associated to the services rendered on DOBRO Project’s website.

7. Risks

7.1. The Users perform all financial transactions of their own free will, accepting full responsibility for possible losses of their money funds.

8. Rules

8.1. The Administration reserves the right to delete any information or materials which in the judgment of Administration are unacceptable, unwarranted or violate this Agreement.
8.2. The Administration has a right for unilateral restriction, extension or alteration of the services quality at any time.
8.3. The Administration has a right for unilateral amending of this Agreement at any time. Using the Company’s website, the User agrees that all amendments introduced into the Agreement apply to him/ her. The User shall trace the amendments introduced into the Agreement.

9. Effective date and Term of the Agreement

9.1. This Agreement enters into effect after registration on website: The User acknowledges that he/she has preliminary read and agrees to the terms hereof.
9.2. The Agreement is concluded for the indefinite time period.
9.3. The User at any time has a right to stop using the terms hereof by stopping to use the services of DOBRO Project’s website. The Administration at any time has a right to terminate this Agreement for any reason. Termination of this Agreement shall mean abandonment of any rights provided to the User by this Agreement.
9.4.The Administration has a right for unilateral repudiation of this Agreement and termination of services provision on website: for no liability for possible losses of the User.
9.5. Starting to use DOBRO Project’s website shall mean full agreement of the User with the terms hereof.