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It is important for us to via this program to teach those who do not know how, who has not participated in the projects and does not understand how it works. We do not give money to everybody. This is a concept of the DOBRO PROJECT. And we remind you about this constantly.
Training Programme Period: constant!! Untill the notification on termination.

SO. The Terms of the Training Programme! Real training.

Theory. Practice

1. Register on the PROJECT DOBRO web-site
2. Study all existing programs, features and conditions of the DOBRO Project.


1. Send an e-mail to your username, which was used to register in the DOBRO Project and your Vkontakte account. The one-day accounts will be eliminated immediately. The program is only for real people.
2. At the appointed time pass the exam on the knowledge of the characteristics of the DOBRO Project. You may to repass the exam only once.


1. 1. Join a group in VK: - Official DOBRO Project group. - Fan GroupDOBRO Project.
2. Repost this record, as well as the recording of the first Outreach program of the DOBRO Project
3. Withdraw at least once in three days.
4. Placement of payments from the DOBRO Project in the discussions in the official DOBRO Project group and, if possible, at a forum MMGP

Result of the Training Program

We open for you a deposit in the DOBRO Project to $ 7.77 or 700 rubles (via Sberbank system).

If the conditions listed in the Gratitude are not respected, the deposit will be blocked.

The DOBRO Project is us! It is important to believe, friends. We believe in DOBRO! I ask you to convey this news to your friends.