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The first Outreach program by the DOBRO Project!

No financial obligations! There are no requirements for any placement of funds! Everything is fair! Our intentions are good and serious!

The addressees of the First Outreach program. The First Outreach program is addressed to those who find themselves in a difficult situation, having lost the borrowed funds in other social projects. Also the First Outreach program is addressed to the disadvantaged families. The families, happened to be in difficult life situations: fraud, deprivation of work, loss of breadwinner.

The validity period of the First Outreach program – unlimited, until the separate notification on termination of the period of validity. What kind of help will be provided. We guarantee the opening of the deposit to the amount of $ 100 in the DOBRO Project.

Assistance Mechanism: Introduction and Gratitude. Nothing more. The Internet is full of fraud. Therefore, my friends, let us carefully study the mechanism of assistance!


1. Register in the DOBRO Project

2. Join the group in VK
Important! You must register your page in VK to you or your close relatives!

3. Write a letter to the mail VMESTE@PROJECT-DOBRO.COM, where describe briefly your life situation. What happened to you. What will be the goals of our assistance. Be sure to indicate in writing your real data:
- your username in the DOBRO Project (required!)
- your ID in VC (required!)
- your full name (required!)
- your date of birth (required!)
- your marital status (in the case of a complicated family situation)
- children (in the case of a complicated family situation)
- city of residence (required!)
- Skype or Telegram (if not specified - the contact phone number will be used for communication)
- Contact phone (required!)
Important! No attachments to your letter are required!

4. Next, be prepared to prove your words via Skype or Telegram. No video. No voice. Just facts, confirmed by scans of documents.

5. In some cases the telephone conversation is possible. If your phone is not available the order will be canceled.

6. If at least one of the items is incomplete - the order will be canceled.

7. In case of a positive decision, the deposit of $ 100 will be opened within 7 days. You will be additionally notified via mail.

8. the absence of the deposit opened in 7 days means that a negative decision on your request had been taken. It means that there are the reasons and, most likely, you know them.


Any good deed must be balanced by the appreciation to avoid adverse consequences. I think many people understand it. If we have done any good to you, and you have not create any good in response - it will bind you with obligations anf may ngativelly affect you.

So. There are three points:

1. Post on your wall in VC, fix your post and share it with your friends. The post must be fixed for 7 days at least.
Mandatory content of the post:
- Thanks for the help to the project
- Link to the DOBRO Project Website
- Link to the DOBRO Project VK group
- Photo, screen or picture of the project (save from the group in VK)
If your gratitude is sincere, please record the video about the help, if possible. But this is optional.

2. Place the posts on the payments done by the project on your wall at least once in two days.

3. Like and repost the message on the opening of the First Outreach Program in the DOBRO Project VK group.
Link to post:
The repost should be on your VK wall all the period of the deposit validity.

If you repost was removed from the wall - the deposit will be canceled.
If you left our group - the deposit will be canceled.
If you removed the post from your walls before the deadline - the deposit will be canceled.
If you do not place the posts on the payments via the project on your wall or place them rarely than once every two days - the deposit will be canceled.

Once again, friends. The DOBRO Project project has been created not for the profit of the Administration. We are just DIFFERENT. We act honestly. The greater the mass of the DOBRO Project, the more extensive are the good deeds! Making deposits to the DOBRO Project, you help people to become stronger!

Please, friends, co-workers, those who trust us, help us to help those who really need it. Each of us knows such people. Give them the information. I would be very grateful to you.