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The DOBRO Project has become a real

We have made available for you the opportunity to use the most popular payment instrument in Russia! We have made SBERBANK available for you!All the fees for the withdrawals shall be paid by us, Friends!

IMPORTANT! Study the procedure for work with SBERBANK:
1. Choose the tab Refill the account prior to create any standard deposit.
2. Choose Sberbank, enter the amount of refillment. Click Refill.
3. IMPORTANT! The refilling sum should be not less than 700 rubles without kopecks! Accordingly, the minimum contribution for Sberbank is 700 rubles without kopecks!
4. Next comes a page with bank details for money transfer: card number, name of the recipient.
5. Here, in the same application on the SAME PAGE specify your details and click Create. Operation Number is affixed by the system. Do not make any changes.
6. Transfer the necessary amount but not less than 700 rubles without kopecks using these details yourself. Any way you want. From one card to another, via Sberbank Online, via customer support, via payment terminal.
7. IMPORTANT! After payment enter Operations, select Refillment, click it and then press Submit! Do not forget to do it. Only then the order will be accepted for processing.

Within 48 hours, your transfer will be processed and your account balance will be refilled for the amount of the transfer. Do not forget to make a Deposit out of your balance. Until then do not apply for Support with the claim about the absence of the deposit.

We always fulfill our obligations against you in the designated support period.Please apply to the Suppport only if you have difficulty with the transfer. You can rely on us.

The normal procedure for withdrawal is as follows: Payment -> Withdrawal -> Submit.

IMPORTANT! Only amounts in rubles without kopecks are available for withdrawal!

The DOBRO Project –The National project!