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DOBRO Project is not just the online project, but also the officially registered Company having all the legal documents! No English certificates Friends! Everything is honest and open like the DOBRO Project itself!

The project was registered for a greater transparency, for your comfort and to perform the official activities offline.

Now the project trends and simulation channels will be developing officially.The consultancy services of the best masters of the Association of Light Power, the Exclusive amulets and talismans made by individual orders, the establishment of the representative offices of the project over the multinational territory and many many other magical and exciting destinations became available to us with the official registration!

It will not affect the financial part. Except for one very important thing. All profits from the new trends will be transfered to the reserve fund of the DOBRO Project for the purposes of development of the Association of Light Powers! Trust us. We have a professional team. The mistakes are excluded.

Do not miss the opportunity to make the world around them kinder!

We are the DOBRO Project!
Our intentions are good and serious!