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About Project

Payments: 0.777% of deposit amount per day
Minimum deposit $7
Deposit period: 365 days. Payments include the principal amount of deposit
Estimated payments per month: 24%
Withdrawal: : Manual
Withdrawal order: 48 hours from 12:00 p.m. MSK. Order may be submitted at any time
Minimum amount for withdrawal: 0,1$
Affiliate program: 7% upline OR 5%-1%-0,5%-0,5%
Payment systems: Perfect Money, ADVCash, PAYEER, YandexMoney, SBERBANK
Possibility to return contribution body anytime: Yes. Excluding interest received

Friends! Let us introduce you the most important moments in the work of the DOBRO Project, implemented in order to become closer to you, to deserve your trust:

1. Officially registered DOBRO Project Company complete with all legal documents available for you by clicking on this link!

2. The DOBRO Project has become a real NATIONAL PROJECT!
We have made available for you the opportunity to use the most popular payment instrument in Russia! We have made SBERBANK available for you!
All the fees for the withdrawals shall be paid by us, Friends!
Click this link for the information on Sberbank or contact our support team.

3. The Outreach program is working constantly!
Click this link for the information on the Outreach or contact our support team.

4. The Deposit Insurance Program is working constantly!
Click this link for the information on the Deposit Insurance Program or contact our support team.

5. The training program is working constantly!
Click this link for the information on the Training program or contact our support team.

6. The Skype chat DOBRO Project is opened! Join us, friends!
The invitation for good and positive friends:

7. The OFFICIAL GROUP of the DOBRO PROJECT in Vkontakte is growing day after day.

8. On August 9 the official fan group of the DOBRO PROJECT in Vkontakte was established! It was created by DANILA DOBROSLAV.
All DOBROFANS go here -->

9. The Support is available in the securest messenger TELEGRAM!

10. The chat of the DOBRO PROJECT was opened in TELEGRAM! PROJECTDOBRO.
Add bright colors! Welcome!

11. DOBRO PROJECT mobile app is now in your phone!
There are two platforms for your convenience: Google Play and the Apple Store!
Download links:
Link for IOS devices
Link for Android devices

Center for Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta” is a unique project supervising over 10% of esoteric schools and movements all over Europe. For the last 5 years thousands of people have found the path of inner transformation in our schools. Year by year this trend is becoming more important and popular.

Today we announce about conversion of “Sila Sveta” Center into Association of Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta”. It is closely related to 5 years of the Center's development and our entry into new countries. Over these 5 years we have developed some methods and training programs. We worked out some practices and exercises which allow inner transformation of the personality.

More and more powerful magicians, masters and craftsmen, eager to revive Slavic roots and the Power of Ancestry, are joining our Association of Inner Transformation “Sila Sveta” in Russia!

To expand the project in Russia, we have launched DOBRO PROJECT which will help us to put this idea into life.

We sincerely contributed all our experience, expertise and spiritual order into it.

With your assistance we will be able to operate in good faith, which means to operate a long time.

Since July 21, 2016 DOBRO Project is not just the online project, but also the officially registered Company having all the legal documents! No English certificates Friends! Everything is honest and open like the DOBRO Project itself! The project was registered for a greater transparency, for your comfort and to perform the official activities offline.

The consultancy services of the best masters of the Association of Light Power, the Exclusive amulets and talismans made by individual orders, the establishment of the representative offices of the project over the multinational territory and many many other magical and exciting destinations became available to us with the official registration!

We address all concerned users requesting to solve all matters amicably.

1. We respect highly-skilled computer specialists who work miracles. Dear Colleagues, we kindly ask you to let us give people what they lack in the market – a fair project. Should you come across disputable and incorrect information, please contact us directly and we will try to solve all problems in an amicable manner.

2. We have learnt a great deal from experienced hosts, leaders, bloggers, investors, administrators and managers of other projects. Many thanks for that. We will try to respond promptly to all your questions and suggestions. We hope to come to understanding and befriend each other even with rivals. We kindly request you solve all matters amicably.

3. Our main appeal is addressed to existing and potential participants of the project. Dear friends, we understand that the world around us is full of lies, but we are sure that there is a particle of light in everything. Give us a chance. We assure you that we have come for long and with best intent.

If you accept us in a positive light, in return for your good deed we promise to take the following important steps (we are grateful to the previous projects for this idea):

1. Assistance to the people who find themselves in difficult straits having lost borrowed assets in other projects. After the project gets to its feet, we will set a limit for application for assistance. We will render aid to the most distressed applicants.

2. Assistance to troubled families, families in difficult straits: deception, displacement, loss of breadwinner.

3. Support of projects on healthy lifestyle and spiritual development.

4. Aid to the disabled and orphanages.

All the information on the money spent on these purposes will be available on the Main Page of the website. You will be able to check any aid for fair-dealing and choose the best way of assistance provision.

We will implement these directions on account of the following savings:

1. We believe that it is fair to pay leaders only for their first lines. 7% is good motivation and not a heavy load for the system.

2. It is right not to spend the funds invested into the project on telephones and cars, arrangement of crazy promotion actions, or bourgeois parties.

3. Economic and steady daily interest of 0.777%.

4. 10% of incoming amounts will go to the administrative fund. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the charge for withdrawal and exchange rates. We tell this without reserve.We have extensive plans. You will see it. And it is fair. It is better than to cut statistics and scrap the project 3–4 months of operation.

And above all! You money will generate profit in the real sector of economy. Development of esoteric movements, schools and institutes are currently in demand and bring enormous profits along with the spiritual education and enlightenment!By 2016 the number of students in our European schools amounted to 1,500 people and this number is continuously growing. In these conditions we have to use every effort to improve the quality of training.In 2015 we started training in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Now our schools also show high results outside Europe.Our plans involve large-scale projects engaging as alumni of our association as capable alumni of other schools and movements from different countries.

We also need to specify your extra advantages and for DOBRO Project in general:
1. Money earns profit in the real sector of economy.
2. We do not depositaries that may intervene in our long-term plans. We are independent of human factor.
3. The interest is accrued automatically every day and is available for withdrawal.
4. Withdrawal is performed in manual mode.
5. SSL certification. DDOS protection.
6. Heart-warming and pleasant design of the website.
7. Доступны две платежные системы: Perfect Money, ADVCash.
8. Easy operation. Nothing in excess. Pair of buttons and e-mail confirmation..
9. 9. The Main Page displays fair statistics in real-time mode. You can see the amount of money coming into project, the amount spent on payments and transferred into the administration fund, the amount of promotion bonuses, and the amount spent for GOOD deeds.

DOBRO Project. With good intent.